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Trent Family Photos – Arkansas Portrait Photography

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I first met Nicole about a year ago. That was before she and Keith had purchased their first home and also before they had their first child, baby Layton. Now they’re a beautiful family and I was honored that she asked me to photograph them at this special time in their lives. My goal was to capture them as they are right now. Photograph the details that make their family special. I had such a great time, and I have to admit I’m a little jealous of their back yard on the lake. Dozer was that mean looking pit bull that was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. Here’s the Trent Family, enjoy!
Modern Family Portraits
Happy Father
Little Rock Family Portraits
Pit Bull and Baby Photos
Arkansas Children Photographer
Kissing Parents
Arkansas Family Photographer

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Rachel + Brent – Hot Springs Wedding Photography {Part 2}

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Monday I blogged Part 1 of Rachel and Brent’s wedding. Here are some of my favorite photos from the second half of their big day! Enjoy!
Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church Hot Springs
Reception: The Park Hotel
Whip: Hot Springs Carriage Company

Arkansas wedding photography
Skater kids wedding photos
Wedding Reception details
First Dance wedding photo
Hot Springs Wedding photos

Father Daughter Dance

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Tuesdays with Eli – Rehearsal Dinners

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The rain last weekend keep me from going to the Buffalo River and camping with my family, so I had to come up with something else to blog for this Tuesdays with Eli. I’m hoping that I will have another free weekend at some point before it gets too unbearably hot to go camping, and I can share some photos with you guys. So yesterday I blogged my good friends Brent and Rachel’s wedding day. I was looking through all the photos that I also took on the rehearsal night and I thought, hey I can blog this right? Haha. I’m not sure how many other wedding photographers attend the rehearsal of the wedding ceremony. I assume, once you’ve done it enough it’s unnecessary. But I am still pretty new, plus I enjoy going to meet the rest of the family before the wedding day. As long as I don’t have anything holding me back from going, I sit in during the rehearsal of the wedding. I love weddings because of the environment. I love how happy everyone is. From my experience, the rehearsals are just as good. I can also scope out the venue for some cool locations to shoot. Plus, the best part, most of the time I get invited to the rehearsal dinner. I’m not gonna lie, I like to eat! And once again this gives me an opportunity to get to know everyone a little better and everyone can get to know me. What better place to open up to people that around a dinner table breaking bread? Most importantly, I want the bride to be comfortable with me on her big day, but it’s always nice if everyone else knows me too. Anyway, here are just a few photos from Brent and Rachel’s rehearsal dinner. I had a blast, even better, Leslie was able to join me for this one!
Formal Dinner Plate
The Porterhouse Hot Springs
Brent, me, Leslie, and Rachel.
Eli Murray
Hot Formal Dinner
Brent and Rachel had this super great candy jar set up! They had some of their engagement photos framed on display and various candies for everyone to enjoy. Of course I just got my new iPad and I’m eager for new ways to use it. I just so happened to have Brent and Rachel’s engagement photos on it, so I put it on slideshow and let it roll. Of course everyone loved it. Maybe you’ll want one for your wedding?
iPad Eli Murray Photography
Hot Springs Night

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Rachel + Brent – Hot Springs Wedding Photography {Part 1}

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Last weekend my close friends Rachel and Brent were married. I was glad to have my good buddy Mark Gregory second shooting with me for their wedding. The ceremony and reception were in Hot Springs and it was a beautiful day. Rachel and Brent decided to do a “first look” , they wanted to see each other before the ceremony. This was awesome! I love when couples decide that they want to do this. It gives them an opportunity to see each other all decked out and enjoy the moment without feeling rushed. It also gives me and opportunity to get some really great portraits without slowing down the rest of the day. I like to let the day unfold and capture it as it happens, but I also love taking the time to get some really great modern/classic portraits of the newlyweds. A first look always helps with this. It’s not for every couple out there, but if your curious just ask Brent and Rachel what they thought? I broke up their blog into two parts, here are a few of my favorite photos of the first part of their day! Enjoy!
Brent and Rachel Wedding Day
Eli Murray Wedding Photography
Modern Wedding Photography
Hot Springs wedding photographers
Church Ceremony
Ceremony Wedding Photos

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Happy Birthday Dad!

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Today is my Dad’s Birthday. I wanted to share a little photo and some thoughts about my dad. My father has been one of the most influential men in my life. I’m thankful that I was blessed to have a father in my life, especially one as great as my dad. I know that without my dad’s instruction and guidance I may not be the man I am today. My dad is a very frugal man, but he also taught me the value of a dollar.  My dad is always joking around and playing tricks on people, but he also showed me the importance of a sense of humor. Just about every time I turn around, my dad has another crazy idea/scheme he’s thinking up, but he also encouraged me to be creative and use my imagination. My dad is the hardest working man I have ever seen. I didn’t even know what a good work ethic was until I took a look at my father. He’s worked days, nights, weekends, holidays, and everything in between to put food on the table for my family. I’m thankful for my father. Here’s to another year young, happy birthday dad!
Father and Son

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Justin + Sarah – Little Rock Engagement Photos

Posted: April 22nd, 2010 | 2 Comments »

I’m so excited to show off these engagement photos that we took on Monday. I met up with Justin & Sarah downtown Little Rock near Sticky Fingers, FYI I’m a big fan of their chicken. We had a great time and I promised them I would make it easy on them. Nothing to difficult, just hanging out taking some photos right? Truth is, they made it easy on me. What a great looking couple, and Justin kept us both laughing with all his jokes, haha. Here are just a couple of my favorites! Enjoy!
Arkansas Lifestyle Photographer
Engagement Photos Little Rock
Sarah & Justin Engagements
Modern Engagements Little Rock
Arkansas Portrait Photography
Engagement Portraits
Little Rock Engagement Photos
Arkansas Wedding Photographer

P.S. Sorry about missing my Tuesdays with Eli blog post this week. I’m going camping this weekend with Leslie and family so I have so stuff to share next Tuesday.

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Rachel's Bridal Portraits – Little Rock Wedding Photography

Posted: April 17th, 2010 | 2 Comments »

Today my good friends Brent and Rachel are getting married! I’m actually photographing their wedding today, but I just couldn’t wait to show off Rachel’s bridal portraits that we shot back in March. So I set up the blog to publish today while I was working, making technology work for me, yeah. Brent is one of my closest friends and the first one in our circle to get married. He’s mighty lucky to marry such a beautiful woman as Rachel. I’m happy to be a part of their big day, and I can’t wait to hang out as married couples together with my bride-to-be, Leslie…

Arkansas Bride
Little Rock Wedding Photography
Southern Bridal Portraits
Arkansas Wedding Photographer
Also, here you can check out Brent and Rachel’s engagement portrait

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All New Wedding Photography Packages – Now Include iPads

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I have given a lot of thought into my current wedding photography packages. I wanted to be able to offer the more to my couples. I’m constantly striving to better my skills as a photographer and will continue to work very hard on every wedding that I’m blessed to photograph. Because I felt that my current wedding packages were limited with what I could offer, I’ve decided to modify them. There are a couple things that I am really excited about.

  • First, all 3 of the new wedding packages include ALL DAY wedding coverage. This is really wonderful because you will no longer have the difficult decision of choosing what time best fits you. This is your wedding day, the entire day is important.
  • Second, I have now had my own iPad for almost 2 weeks and I love this thing. I was thinking about how much I love showing off my portfolio and I wondered if you guys would like to have one to show off your wedding photos too. I’m not getting rid of my wedding albums, this is completely an option for you to choose. You can now substitute a custom leather bound wedding album for a brand new Apple iPad with all of your wedding photos in full resolution to be displayed on it’s amazingly sharp display.

Like I said, I don’t want to get rid of my albums, there’s no substitute for physical prints,albums, or canvas wraps. The iPad is just another product that I can offer and another way to display your beautiful wedding photos around your home for years to come. After all, my slogan is Eli Murray Photography – Modern Wedding Photography for a Classic Bride. That kind of forces me to stay up with the times, huh? Haha
Apple iPad Wedding Package
The iPad offers so many ways to remember your wedding. You can create your own photo slideshows with your own wedding music. View your engagement and bridal portraits and send them to friends/family. If you had a wedding video produced, you can also view it on you iPad. All of this in one beautiful package. If you are interested in any of the new wedding packages or if you want a personal demonstration of how the iPad can change the way you view your wedding photos, give me a call. I hope that you are all just as excited about these new changes to my wedding packages as I am. And don’t worry, if you’re a current bride of mine, your prices won’t go up. You’re still getting the same wedding package at the time you signed the contract. Also, if you are a current or past bride of mine and you are interested in added the iPad, give me a call. : )
All New Wedding Packages can be viewed here.

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Tuesdays with Eli – Two Wheel Road Trips

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Last weekend I took a short motorcycle trip with my brother in law, Nick. This was the first Saturday that I have had free in a while, and with the busy wedding season coming up, I’m gonna take these opportunities as they come. Riding a motorcycle through the winding Arkansas roads on a sunny spring day is one of those experiences that cannot be duplicated. I love smelling the country air, and feeling the warm sun and wind, plus exploring the back roads of Arkansas gives me an opportunity to find more possible portrait locations. Win. Win.

I met Nick at the public parking lot at beginning of Cantrell road downtown. This is where are journey began. I think we road for about 8 hours total. Highway 10, then highway 9 and 7 to Hotsprings, where we had lunch. I had the “Eli’s Cheddar Cheesebuger”. The burger was named after the owner’s son, Eli. I thought that was pretty cool, but the burger was not that great. Haha.  After Hot Springs we took highway 5 back to Little Rock. Anyway, we had a lot of fun, I hope you guys enjoy the photos!
Arkansas Motorcycle Trip
Map of Motorcycle Trip
Eli Murray Photographer
Exploring on motorcycles
Field Panorama
Motorcycle Exploring
Arkansas Barn
Arkansas Photographer

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Matthew Huff Music- Arkansas Music Photographer

Posted: April 11th, 2010 | 3 Comments »

I first heard Matthew at a wedding I was shooting back in September, he was the live music at the reception. Since then, we made friends and Matthew has played some great tunes at a few more weddings. Matthew loves doing weddings and events, but he’s working really hard on his own music right now. Just finished recording his new county album and has been busy playing gigs all over the south. I asked him if he needed some photos, as it turned out he did, so here we are. These were my first ever music portraits, so I’m glad that didn’t scare Matthew away, haha. We talked a little about the album and came up with this setting for the shoot. He wanted something that represented his album, that makes since right?
Here are a few of my favorites and one at the end to show you my lighting set up, just in case anyone’s interested.
Oh yeah, you can also download Matt’s music from iTunes here.
Matthew Huff Music
Arkansas Music Photography
Matthew Huff Music Photos
Empty Theatre
Heavy Heart Portrait
Little Rock Portrait Photographer
Matthew may seem kinda serious, but he did break character a couple times.
Matthew Huff Photos
Music Portrait
Okay, here’s my set up. Not much. One light. I had an SB-900 Speedlight inside of the 28′ Westcott Apollo softbox.  If you are looking for a little more info on simple lighting set ups, you should check out Zach Arias. He has workshops and a dvd called One Light. Also check out another really great photographer David Jackson.

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